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Bio Lavender Water

13.00 лв.

100% BIO: a step above organic - neither plant, soil, or air treated with chemicals, including color, flavor enhancers, etc.

SKIN AND HAIR TREATMENT: hydrating, soothing, anti-aging, suitable for all skin and hair types, even very sensitive ones, helps acne-prone skin, nourishes dry skin

PREMIUM BULGARIAN LAVENDER WATER: distilled from Bulgarian lavender blossoms in one of the oldest still-functioning distilleries in Bulgaria

ETHICALLY HARVESTED SUPERIOR LAVENDER WATER: unique climate soil and traditional distillation process, water recognized as being superior to other lavender waters

Bottle made of HDPE (Made in Italy): does not affect the odor of lavender water; as strong as glass, water-resistant, non-hazardous and fully recyclable

Amazon's choice in the Beauty category in Amazon US

Ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Bio Lavender water


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