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Are your products Bio certified?
Yes, our products are EU Bio certified - a step above organic. Neither plant, nor soil or air have been treated with any pesticides, chemicals, including color, flavor enhancers, etc. 

How is Thracian Bio rose water made and what is in it?
Our rose water is steam-distilled from meticulous Rosa Damascena rose petals in a traditional process combining art and science. Fresh, rose petals are hand-picked in the Rose valley, Bulgaria early in the morning. While there is still dew on them, they are prepared for thesteam-distillation process in the oldest still-functioning distilleries inBulgaria. The facility is located in Bulgaria’s Thracian region also called the Rose Valley. There is only one ingredient in our rose water – 100% bio rose water from Bulgarian Rosa Damascena rose petals. The world’s finest rose waterand oil come from Bulgaria due to a perfect synergy between Bulgaria's climate and its fertile soil. 

How is Thracian Bio lavender water made and what is in it? 
Delicate Bulgarian lavender blossoms are steam-distilled to break down the plant. The resulting vapor is condensed and separated into two parts, 100% pure lavender oil and water, which are bottled separately. There isonly one ingredient in our lavender water as well – 100% bio steam-distilled lavender water from premium Bulgarian lavender. The fragrant, precious water distilled from these plants works to soothe and nourish even the most sensitive skin. 

What is so special about Bulgaria and these products?
Thracian bio products come from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. It is located in the ancient Thracian region (divided between today’s Bulgaria, Romania, north-eastern Greece, European Turkey), once home to greats such as Spartacus, Orpheus, and Democritus. The history of our products is nothing new. In fact, the gentle rose essence and lavender plant have been used from the women in Ancient Thracia to restore not only their skin but also their health. Nowadays, Bulgarian rose oil is considered the best rose oil, used all over the world and is popular with famous luxury perfumery brands such as Chanel, Dior, Guerlain. Bulgaria has overtook France as the world's largest producer of lavender since 2011 and is famous for its lavender plantations. Since 2010, Bulgaria is also the largest producer of herbs, spices, aromatic and medicinal plants inthe EU.

Can I use lavender and/or rose water on my face and hair?
Yes, you can use both products on face and hair.

Are Thracian Bio products suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, they are suitable for every skin type, especially very sensitive ones. Our products do not contain alcohol, they are paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan and GMO free.

Is Thracian Bio Rose water food grade?
Our Rose water is not USDA certified. For legal purposes, we do not recommend using it in cooking, beverage flavoring or drinking it. 

Do I need to keep my floral water toner in the fridge?
We recommend to keep your toner at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat. 

How long do the floral water toners last?
Once they are opened, our floral toners last 6 months.