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Go-Away Mosquito Spray

15.00 лв.

Thracian Go-Away Mosquito Spray™ is formulated to provide 8-hours insect protection while gently hydrates skin.

Natural ingredients
It is scientifically proven that essential oils are effective at repelling mosquitoes. It is the smell that turns them off, but won’t do that to us. Thus, we combined the most effective bio essential oils and created a natural serum that keeps mosquitoes at bay without using harsh ingredients.

Bio lavender oil – Lavender produces a fragrance that repels mosquitoes. In addition to preventing mosquito bites, lavender oil also soothes and calms skin.

Clove oil – Scientifically proven to have the longest 100% duration of repellency among 38 essential oils. Act as a replacement for other harmful to skin DEET-products.

Peppermint oil – Peppermint scent is a natural deterrent against mosquitoes. It also creates a cooling sense on skin.

Rosemary oil – Similar to lavender oil and peppermint oil, mosquitoes find rosemary scent unappealing. Moreover, rosemary oil is a natural antioxidant that protects skin, also has anti-aging properties.

Green tea – Not only acts against mosquito bites, but also protects skin from damaging sun’s UV rays. Green tea contains vitamin B-2 that maintain collagen levels, reduces skin irritation and redness, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


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