Bio Premium Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose Oil

32.00 лв.

PREMIUM NATURAL INGREDIENTS: bio-certified Bulgarian Rosa Damascena oil distilled in one of the oldest steam-distilleries in Bulgaria’s Thracian region, contains olive oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, Vitamin E and wheat oil

HYDRATES, RESTORES AND PROTECTS SKIN: restores damaged, dry and aged skin, hydrates skin, restores elasticity and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; the nutrient-rich blend improves skin texture, aids in the recovery of scar tissue and acne, promotes moisture balance for a visibly soft, youthful skin

NOURISHES HAIR AND NAILS: tames fuzzy and curly hair, prevents hair loss, rejuvenates and restores elasticity, softens nails and cuticles
APPLICATION: apply two to three drops directly on face and gently rub in, do the same for hands and hair

1.01 FL OZ GLASS DROPPER BOTTLE: easy to apply to face, decolletage and hair with a mess-free, zero-waste dropper, compact, glass packaging for a long-lasting scent and texture


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